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Woman sews masks for community: "I’m not telling you to wear something I can’t give you"

Posted at 9:29 AM, Jun 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-02 17:32:30-04

LAUREL, Md. — As the Governor and county leader continues to lift restrictions, wearing a face covering is something that's not changing anytime soon. One Howard County woman has dedicated her new found free time to make washable masks for whoever needs them.

BiBi Perrotte-Foston saw a WMAR-2 News story about Charm City Canvas, a Canton boat company cutting material for face masks. They were able to cut material pretty easily but asked for help from local sewers so BiBi gave them a call.

"I’ve been making doll clothes since I was a child. Making these masks is like making doll clothes," said BiBi. She said she wanted to help since she knows how to sew and likes giving back to her community. Plus, she's been wearig masks well before the coronavirus.

"I started to wear masks to go out from November to April," said BiBi. She added, "it helps me not get the flu a coupe years because when I didn’t wear it one year I got the flu." She started doing this when she was diagnosed with SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

BiBi said, "I know the purpose. I know the benefit I have from them so if I’m going to tell my community please wear a mask and you said you don’t have one, I can give you one." She added, "I’m not telling you to wear something I can’t give you. I’m gonna try and give as much as possible."

She even made some modifications to the original mask design.

"At the bottom here, I decided to put a slit that you could insert a coffee filter of paper towel and when you’re finished you can through it away because this will give you added protection," said BiBi. She also added a stitch in the middle at the bottom for a vent and a nose piece at the top. She reminds you to wear the mask with the pleats down.

BiBi said she knows a few people who have died from the coronavirus and doesn't want to see anyone else get sick. If you need a mask or have material she can use to make them, call her directly at 240-786-5747.

"Each mask has a little bit of love in it because you have to concentrate and you wanna make it nice for people," said BiBi.