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Westminster couple strives to promote kindness through art

Posted at 4:13 AM, Feb 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-27 18:33:24-05

WESTMINISTER — “Be kind” it's a phrase we learn from when we're young, but oftentimes we forget the importance of it. A couple in Westminster wants to remind the community how easy it is to be kind.

Eric Miller and his partner Tina Thomas were tired of hearing about negativity around the area. The couple practices mindfulness and implements kind affirmations daily, but they wondered how they could turn their positive words and emotions into an action.

Miller is a custom woodworker and Thomas enjoys painting. The couple combined their passions creating "Be Kind" signs. The couple plasters the boards around the greater Baltimore area, in hopes that people will read it and remember to show some kindness.

"Everything works better when your around kind and compassionate people," said Tina Thomas, co-founder of Infinite Love Project.

The signs have made a huge impact on the community. The couple says they get messages of people expressing how the sign has filled them with hope.

Eric and Tina completely poured their love into the project turning it into a business called the Infinite Love Project. People can buy signs online, or paint and plaster a board at one of their free events.

"If everybody becomes just a little bit kinder to themselves, their housemates, their neighbors, and strangers, the ripple effect is going to be amazing," said Miller.

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