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Fells Point pit bull uses buttons to express herself

Tilda talking dog
Posted at 4:15 AM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-08 07:37:53-05

BALTIMORE — Many pet parents can agree, when your dogs bark or whine, many of us wish we knew what was going on in their minds.

One dog in Fells Point will tell you exactly what's on her mind. Her name is Tilda. She's an adventurous friendly two-year-old pit bull, who loves to love, and talk.

Tilda was a rescue from BARCS, and found her forever home with mom Molissa Farber during the pandemic. At a time when the world was feeling low, Molissa wanted a deeper connection and stronger bond with her new best friend, so, she taught her to talk.

"When she was around four months old, we started using communication buttons with her. She was starting to learn words just from obedience training and verbal commands. I gave her four buttons that I recorded with four different words, and I taught her that the buttons corresponded with the words and that she could use the buttons to communicate with me," said Farber.

Tilda quickly picked up the skill and advanced her vocabulary to 75 words. She can easily express her needs, like when she's hungry or if she wants to go see her friends at the dog park, Tilda doesn't hesitate to ask for what she wants.

"The buttons are definitely a great way to get to know your animal better and deepen your relationship with your dog," said Farber.

Farber encourages other pet families to use the buttons. She says having a dog that can express their desires and say I love you, is something every family should experience.

Anyone interested in training they're furry friend to speak using buttons, visit:
http://flnt.pt/tilda enter promo code “Tilda” for discounts.

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