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Swinging for more opportunities for girls

Carroll Park Ladies Golf Association raising money through charity golf tournament
Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-29 17:33:55-04

BALTIMORE — This week there's a charity golf tournament at a local course, that’s aimed at helping families afford extra-curricular activities, for girls.

Members of the Carroll Park Ladies Golf Association play at the nine-hole course, every week.

“Our members are just such amazing women. Everybody has such a cool story and history, and they're just so supportive of each other. They're very committed to supporting other women,” said Rosemary Nussear, of the Fairy Godmother Project, a local charity that helps pay for extra-curricular activities, for girls.

“Athletics, arts, dance, literature, stem programs. Anything that these girls would like to participate in, and the family just can't quite do, for whatever financial reason,” she said. “If it costs, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, whatever, sometimes that's tough especially if families have more than one child.”

The tournament raises money through the entry fee - and there's also a raffle and a silent auction.

“What we've found is that families will often come up with the money for boys. But not so much for girls. So we'd like to level the playing field,” Nussear said.

It’s a friendly competition for a good cause – but it is still a competition.

“We have some good golfers, so, it's up for grabs,” Nussear said.

For more information about the Fairy Godmother Project, click here.