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Sports betting launches at Live! Casino

Posted at 5:44 PM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 17:51:40-05

HANOVER, Md — At Maryland live there is something going on today there was a lot going on.

Sports betting came on line at MD Casino Live and Hotel. The first bet was placed by Ed Reed, he bet on the UFC fight this weekend and Governor Larry Hogan followed that up with a bet on the Navy Football team to beat Army.

Sports betting came on line with the help of celebrities and the governor. Ed Reed, Ron Jaworski and others showed their football prowess.

"I have some good ole' winning tickets right here," said Ellis Hartridge.

Ellis Hartridge came down from D.C., to make some bets. Everybody thinks they have a winning ticket but, what about after the game?

"What happens after the game is I come back and collect my winnings!"

And with that confidence, Hartridge will join thousands of other betting on sports in Maryland. Governor Hogan is glad Maryland money will not travel out of state.

"Sports betting is also going to keep all those betting dollars right here in Maryland and it will help us provide another critical funding source for our public schools," said Governor Larry Hogan.

Now that MD live casino and hotel has sports betting, that opens up all kinds of opportunities for entertainment and spending and that's good news for all of us.

"If you just take the gaming tax that we've paid the state of MD education fund, it's 2 billion 500 million dollars in a little over 9 years," said David Cordish.

That doesn't count the Real estate tax, Sales taxes or 5,00 jobs the casino provides. Tellers, kiosks, and a HUGE monitor wall here backs up the feelings of CEO David Cordish.

There's no better place anywhere to watch a game.