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Parents voice their concerns about children trespassing in city pools

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Posted at 10:11 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 23:23:52-04

Kids will be kids — most of us heard that saying, but when trespassing almost cost someone their life we need to re-evaluate that catchphrase.

Sunday night, teenagers were swimming after hours at Roosevelt Park pool when a 15-year-old boy started to struggle in the water.

Luckily, his friend was able save him, but parents want children to learn from this situation.

"What difficulty would a parent have getting a phone call that your child has just drowned in a pool, because No. 1, they were trespassing. Absolutely unsupervised and no one knows how to swim, and they think it's funny they think it's okay and it's not," said Yvette Cooper, a Baltimore City resident.

Baltimore City Recreation and Parks said trespassing happens every year, but this pool season has been more of a concern than other years.

In a statement to WMAR-2 News, they said: "The amount of misconduct and damages to pools caused by trespassing and break ins this summer have seen a significant uptick. We need the help of our communities and residents to spread the word about the dangers of swimming without a lifeguard on duty."

"They gotta stop that man, it’s gonna mess it up for everybody. There’s other things you can do besides trespassing," said Tavon Carter, a West Baltimore resident.

However, people say change starts at home.

"The parents need to come talk to these kids and get them in some type of programs and all that stuff and it just a whole lot for, I think if the parents do their job and the kids won’t be out here running around shooting each other or trespassing," said Carter.

Which is why a Baltimore mother has a message to share to children.

"Be a leader, don't be a follower. And if your friends come to you and ask you to do something that's very dangerous. Don't listen. Remember what we've said to you, and think about the importance of your safety. And more importantly your life," said Cooper.

Recs and parks said some of their pool team members will do ride-throughs in the evenings to keep an eye out for any trespassing.