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Nottingham residents on eighth day without water in their own homes

Posted at 9:14 PM, Aug 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 23:17:25-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Residents in a Nottingham community are still without water.

People living in the Pike Hall Place neighborhood are on their eighth day of not being able to shower or use their own toilets.

Community members want answers from Baltimore County as they try to navigate this hardship.

"Having to go to the store, to go to the bathroom, having to take a shower at a friend's house, it's a major inconvenience," said long time resident Tim Burke.

Last Monday, crews went out to Pike Hall Place in Nottingham to upgrade the sewer lines.

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Nottingham residents go days without water after issues with repairs

Community members said they weren't given much notice, and that it would take a few hours and to not use the water for the day.

However, some people continued to use the water while repairs were being made, and it caused problems for the whole community.

"I went without water for six days. It was very difficult. We couldn't cook shower, do laundry, dishes, we couldn't function," said Barbie Paris, community member.

Neighbors said communication has been a big problem. They explained how the county hasn't offered much guidance.

"They haven't even offered to bring up port-a-potties or something, you know, bottled water, something to alleviate the stress but now they haven't. Nothing," said Burke.

A resident shared an email response from the county which stated: "I am reluctant to give a timeline as to when this work will be complete, please let us know if anyone isn't being accommodated to use the public utilities, if those residencies can't be served. We will have am- liner, offer hotel rooms."

"I fear the problem wont get fixed properly and it will cause more issues for our homes. I hope the county will come up with a plan," said Paris.