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Man accused of hiding camera in mall bathroom pleads guilty

Posted at 7:13 AM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 18:17:34-04

A man accused of installing a hidden camera in a bathroom at White Marsh Mall in December of 2017 pleaded guilty in a court on Wednesday.

In February, Mussawwir  Sterrett was indicted on 25 charges including Peeping Tom and Child Pornography.

Lisa Fox Dever with the Baltimore County State's Attorney said Sterrett pleaded guilty to 10 counts of prurient intent. The max penalty for each count is one year in prison.

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Dever is asking that all 10 years are suspended except 18 months. Sterrett will have to register as a Tier 1 sex offender for 15 years because some counts involved minors, unless certain terms of his probation are met. 

Dever said Sterrett had no prior record and that there’s no evidence he did anything with the videos. Sterrett was not charged for deleted files recovered on the SD card that were traced back to 2013.

She said the defense will most likely argue for less time. Sentencing was postponed to August  23.

Police say the camera was on the partition between two stalls in the family bathroom off the mall food court. Officials say more than a dozen shoppers were recorded, including several juveniles. A customer discovered the camera on December 23, 2017.

Sterrett's attorney declined to comment on this case because sentencing is still pending.