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'If I hadn't gotten up when I did, I'd be dead' Shooting turns Baltimore home into war zone

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 19:49:01-04

BALTIMORE — "If I hadn't gotten up when i did, I'd be dead."

That's the experience Tanish Evans is sharing after shooters fired several shots through her home.

The night bullets went flying through her home was the last night she decided to stay there.

She tells WMAR she was shocked from the shooting but she's more surprised with how BPD handled it.

"This is my home where I lay my head, where I pay rent," Evans told WMAR.

She says 2 weeks ago her home felt like a war zone.

"They shot through the door, came through the window, hit this ceiling fan, and the bullet must've ricocheted, hit the TV, and a bullet hole right here," Evans shared walking through her living room.

She continued showing us bullet hole after bullet hole lining the walls and doors throughout the first floor of her home.

She says more than anything she feels violated and vulnerable so much so she goes from house to house because she doesn't feel safe enough.

"If I still would've been sitting right here on this couch and my step father wouldn't have ever woke me up and told me to come upstairs, I would've probably been deceased," she remembered.

BPD classified the crime as destruction of property damage.

"Like they do everything else, sweep it under the rug, sweep it underneath the rug," she said.

Evans shared that though a crime plan for Baltimore has been unveiled, she's not confident in it's immediate impact.

"Where is the help? where's the help at? and they say we want to make the city streets better and this, that and the third. He's got a 5 year plan this and the third. Where are you?" Evans asked.

She tells WMAR she is most frustrated with how BPD classified this crime as a destruction of property which is a misdemeanor versus attempted murder which is a felony.