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Goucher Poll: Climate change making major impacts on shorelines, extreme weather, ecosystems

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Posted at 3:56 AM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 03:56:21-04

BALTIMORE — Some people in Maryland feel climate change is making a difference in the state. Right now, there a bill being discussed in the General Assembly about Green House Gas emissions. And it's causing some contention with Governor Hogan.

Meantime, a new Goucher Poll shows whether Marylanders believe climate change left a major, minor or no impact in their lives:

Rising sea levels and shorelines:

  • Major impact: 55%
  • Minor impact: 27%
  • No impact: 13%

Wildlife and ecosystems:

  • Major impact: 54%
  • Minor impact: 27%
  • No impact: 14%

Extreme weather, such as floods, hurricanes, or long periods of unusually hot weather

  • Major impact: 54%
  • Minor impact: 26%
  • No impact: 18%

The fishing or agricultural industry

  • Major impact: 46%
  • Minor impact: 29%
  • No impact: 15%

Air quality

  • Major impact: 38%
  • Minor impact: 41%
  • No impact: 18%

Human health

  • Major impact: 40%
  • Minor impact: 40%
  • No impact: 16%

You can read the full poll here.

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