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Covering the coronavirus outbreak while keeping our social distance

WMAR makes changes to keep crews safe
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Posted at 2:59 PM, Mar 18, 2020

WMAR-2 News is here for everything you need as we all navigate the coronavirus outbreak together.

It's an adjustment for everyone, including our news teams.

Normally we start the shifts together. We hold an editorial meeting with story pitches, make assignments and get our mornings/days/nights going. As of this week we are practicing social distancing.

Our reporters and photographers are not in the building at all. And while they are out in the community telling stories they still must practice safety. Thankfully the weather is cooperating, for now, and they are able to work in area parks, their backyards, or in their vehicles with the windows down. They have everything they need to work out in the fresh air, or at home.

There are other members of WMAR not in the building, working from home remotely, which has allowed us to have fewer people in the building overall. Shifts are being adjusted to prevent too many people in the newsroom at one time.

You'll also see a few changes on air. Jamie and Kelly have a little more distance between them in the 5 and 6pm news, at 11 we are just having one anchor. Lynette, Erik, Patrick, Sabrina and Lauren won't be joining them on set. They are in the studio, for now, but far enough away.

We know there is a flood of information coming at all of us daily. We've created a page on our website with all the latest. The first thing you'll see is the latest stats for Maryland and the top article from the state, the live map of virus cases and an abundant list of stories from across all of Scripps, our parent company, television stations.

We can't do this without you. Please tell us what is going on in your community. Like WMAR-2 News on Facebook and send us a DM or send us an email, storyideas@wmar.com. We'd ask you not call, unless it's an emergency, to protect those answering phones.

In February we also started to offer 24/7 programming on our streaming channels. If you have Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV or Android TV you can get our news live plus Right this Minute, The List and Court TV.

Our goal is to keep our team healthy, keep their families safe, while still providing you vital information to navigate this time in our lives.