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'Challenge 2 Change' founder hopeful to change Baltimore's narrative through youth

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 21, 2021

BALTIMORE — The road construction on Monument Street in Baltimore is bound to slow any driver down; but, it's not the only roadway in the area being improved.

Terry Williams has been hard at work building one of his own.

"Challenge and change was birthed out of the most greatest excruciating pain that a parent can ever face."

He's working to bring a vision to life he received while he was in prison which became the center of his life's work.

"Whenever I fall short, I hear him saying dad keep moving. They need you out here. You may have dropped the ball on me but don't......"

His late son, Terry Williams is his anchor but the faces of the men and women surrounding us in the room during our interview is his driving force to change the lives of young men by challenging them.

There's classroom laid out, a curriculum the kids learn and a think tank where the youth get empowered by motivators across the country...

Williams is careful to keep his motivation for his vision in clear sight.

"They're running for their lives trying to escape the pending danger, or possibly them being in prison for the rest of their lives," Williams explained.

He's hopeful his headquarters can host some serious conversations with specific voices, particularly those involved with Baltimore's 328 nonfatal shootings.

"[Lets] have these open discussions, 'Is there a possibility of reconciliation? Is there a possibility I can go to this person or that person and resolve it?" he questioned.

In the meantime, on Wednesday at 11AM , it'll be like the first day of school.

Williams can already picture the student's excitement.

"We just can't wait to get back and go to the swimming pool, go on some trips, six flags. They talk about all of the things that make them happy but my mind is bent on all of the things that are most important and that is to get in their head and let them know that the life that you see everyday out there doesn't have to be your life if it's negative," he shared.

"It don't have to be your life and it won't be your life," Williams added.