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Annapolis is ready for it's signature event Midnight Madness

Posted at 7:27 PM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 19:27:29-05

The Holidays are right at our doorstep and things are looking up. It seems like we've found a new normal and evidently shopping, dinning and getting out are what we want. There is no shortage of fun for our capital city for the season.

Steve Samaras owns Zachary's Jewelers on Main Street and thinks downtown Annapolis is in much better shape this year then in the past couple years.

"The recovery zones that were placed in front of stores for restaurants, with parking spaces that were provided for customers of retail. So the cities really worked well with us and retail unfortunately we've had a pretty good year."

The town is set for it's signature event, Midnight madness. Most shops are open until midnight on December, 2nd, 9th and the 16th. This Saturday, right on the heels of Black Friday, is small business Saturday in the town by the bay.

"With supply chain issues of the large box stores, I think the community will really rally behind small businesses and support us and see exactly what we can do as a small businesses for our customers."

"It also feels really good to support the local merchants, you know very close to home. I'm from Maryland, I live right outside of Annapolis so It's a good feeling all over."

One of the towns most popular tradition is the light of the city dock Christmas tree. The Grand Illumination, as they call it, kicks off Sunday at 4:30.

"It's feels great to be out and not having to be so restrictive with masks add to see the merchants thriving and just enjoying seeing people out and about and the crowds. It's a very nice start to the holiday."

There is so much happening here in Annapolis during the holidays. On December 27, the Budweiser Clydesdale's will be in town once again for the military bowl parade. It starts at 10 a.m., downtown.