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The Erin Levitas Foundation releases children's book to help prevent sexual assault

Posted at 6:52 AM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 06:52:24-04

BALTIMORE — The Erin Levitas Foundation has released a children's book, "Every Body Talk," to help prevent sexual assault through early education. It covers important topics that kids might find difficult discussing with their parents.

"We're looking at those protective factors for kids. First, is that they know they can talk to you or a trusted loved one or adult about anything so that's one topic that is really an important theme throughout the book. We also have body parts so they can know all of the terms so they can communicate that, as well as boundaries," Marissa Jachman, co-author of "Every Body Talk" said.

Jachman hopes the publication will open the lines of communication and help children discuss anything of concern when it comes to themselves and their body.

If you are interested in ordering a hard copy or online edition of "Every Body Talk", click here for more information.

The Erin Levitas Foundation was created in memory of Erin Levitas, a law student who sadly lost her battle with cancer at just 22 years old. She was a victim of sexual assault and her family has made it their mission to prevent it from happening to anyone else. For more on the organization's efforts, click here.