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Carroll County student feeds 6k through Hampstead's Little Free Pantry

Posted at 6:26 AM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 06:26:59-04

HAMPSTEAD, CARROLL COUNTY — A Carroll County teen has fed 6,000 people through Hampstead's Little Free Pantry. Makenzie Greenwood, a 10th grade student at Manchester Valley High School, started the pantry at just 9 years old and has had tremendous success in collecting food for families in need.

Hampstead's Little Free Pantry has received so much support from the community, Makenzie has been able to expand efforts to help other kids open pantries across the country. "We've given grants to about seven other pantries all around the nation. We've given them to Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa and two others in Maryland. It's really great because we get to spread the little free pantry movement all across the nation. It gives kids a really great service opportunity," Greenwood said.

MaKenzie hopes you will consider supporting the pantry's biggest fundraiser of the year. The Not Quite a Full 5k is an annual fun run that will be held at Hampstead Panther Park on October 9. It will help feed families and people in need over the holiday season. Makenzie also hopes to provide gift cards to the Hampstead Farmer's Market to help improve the community's access to fresh produce.

The Little Free Pantry is located in the prayer chapel of St. Johns United Methodist Church at 1205 North Main Street in Hampstead. To learn more about the pantry, click here. To register for The Not Quite a Full 5k, click here.