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Lower School at Boys' Latin collects diapers to donate to ShareBaby

Posted at 5:45 AM, Feb 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-24 08:22:59-05

BALTIMORE — In the basement of the Lower School at Boys' Latin, there are piles and piles of diapers.

"It's just amazing to see the kids enthusiasm. They come running upstairs everyday with boxes full of diapers," said Sarah Clark, a third grade teacher at Boys' Latin.

Clark's class, along with the other classes at the school, are on a mission to collect as many diapers as they can.

"They’ve been told we’re trying to fill the principal’s office with diapers and I think we’ve well exceeded that," she said.

The diapers are going to ShareBaby, a non-profit that provides free diapers and other baby accessories to families in need in Baltimore. The collection drive was spear-headed by the student council.

"I took the student council down [to ShareBaby] so they would have an understanding what it is and we volunteered for two hours," said Rudy Hurley, a third grade teacher who also works with the student council.

It's become a competition of sorts to see which class could collect the most diapers. Students used every available resource to get their numbers up.

"Me and my parents, we sent a message out around the neighborhood and people brought in diapers, they helped us," said Ben Hulbert, a second grader. "And we brought in the diapers, a total of 767."

"I asked my pastor to tell people to bring diapers and he said yes, so on Sunday there was a whole tower of diapers and I was like wow!" said Kamari Morgan, a third grader.

What matters most is not the number, it's the lessons the students are gleaning from this experience.

"That’s the whole purpose of our student council, is not only do we want to provide back to our school, but we’re a part of Baltimore and so its really important to our boys that they understand that we need to give back to our community of Baltimore," said Hurley.

"I just know how much this is going to make an impact on the people who need it," said Hulbert.

The Lower School collected 38,000 diapers for ShareBaby.