Stars, Pros take on songs from movies on Dancing with the Stars

Posted at 12:36 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 12:36:54-04
Movie Night was definitely an entertaining night on Dancing with the Stars. Choreographer Mandy Moore was guest judge for a missing Julianne Hough and, I'll say, I didn't miss Julianne a bit. She was fantastic and had excellent feedback. Every good movie has some kind of a twist and DWTS is no different. They offered a dance-off AND a double-elimination. Scandalous! Off to the show...
Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess had a Western-themed Paso Doble that was a bit lackluster. They definitely created a scene, the storyline was evident, but Bonner moves like an old man. Whatever mojo he had at the beginning of the season is definitely, and unfortunately, gone. High praise from the judges, but just a 29 in numbers. 
In her package, Nancy Kerrigan said she thought it could have gone either way with Heather last week. Okay, Nance. Keep dreaming. Regardless, her "Romantic" Tango with Artem Chigvintsev was a lot of fun. This was by far her best dance. It was also one of the lightest and not brooding Tangos I've ever seen. She really rocked it. 36
Simone Biles and Sasha Farber's Charleston was simply fantastic. I don't know how they made it through to the end it was so action-packed. It was the perfect mix of goofy and fun. I could watch that one over and over. 37, not quite sure why she wasn’t perfect. 
Nick Viall and Peta Mergatroyd performed an Action-themed Argentine Tango. It was pretty intense and definitely captured the action-theme. Nick was disappointed with his performance, but I thought this was one of his better showings. 34
Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater set up a pretty elaborate story line for their Horror-themed Paso Doble and it translated perfectly to their dance. Rashad came up with the story of a spirit in the woods that would dance with you if you requested the "first dance". Then he would appear, dance with you, kill you, and drag you away. Nice, right? The Paso was a perfect representation of that. I am a big fan of this duo, and they pulled off a good one. 37
David Ross and Lindsay Arnold rocked a Sci-Fi Salsa. I had my doubts because David isn't the strongest dancer and a Sci-Fi Salsa just sounds stupid. However, I should not have doubted Lindsay. She choreographed a good one, I don't think David could execute it appropriately. He didn't mess anything up, he just didn't nail it technically. 32
Normani Kordei suffered an injury during rehearsals and was told she'd need to medicate and modify. So, I'll have what she's having. Her Foreign Film-inspired Argentine Tango with Val Chmerkovskiy was absolute perfection. She is above and beyond fierce. I could watch these 2 perform All. Day. Long. Well-deserved, perfect 40. 
Normani received immunity with her perfect and highest and score of the night. The remaining couples had to compete in a Dance-off. The highest scoring non-immune couple picked their opponent, the opponent picked the style.
Simone and Sasha vs. Nancy and Artem Salsa
I can't believe how torn the judges were over this dance off. Simone was, by far, the clear winner. She and Sasha had energy, content, and execution. It was cute to see both couples arm in arm in the skybox, though. Simone and Sasha with a unanimous decision.
Rashad and Emma vs. David and Lindsay
There was a clear winner in this dance-off, and it was not David. Not only did he flub some moves, but I wouldn't wish Rashad against my worst enemy, he’s so smooth and fun. Another unanimous decision, another correct decision, Rashad.
Nick and Peta vs. Bonner and Sharna
Even though Bonner has struggled recently, I feel like this was the most evenly matched of all the dance-offs. Having said that, I was pretty sure the judges were going to go with Nick, and only Bruno did! Wow! Apparently those 2 extra points helped, because the 2 that got the boot, yes double-elimination, did not win their dance-offs. Nancy AND Nick got the boot and I have no negative feelings about who's going home. Nancy was in obvious disbelief, with the mother of all eye-rolls, when she realized David got to move on and she was going home. Hilarious. Come next week, it has to be either Bonner or David on the chopping block.