Harry Connick Jr. on his new show: "This is Y'all's Party"

Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 18:06:46-04

It's a show that'll have you dancing from home. "HARRY," a new daytime entertainment show hosted by Harry Connick, Jr., premiered on Monday on ABC2.

He talked to ABC2 News reporter Mallory Sofastaii on the set of his new show about what viewers can expect to see.

“It's a party. The most important thing to me is for people to know that it's their party. It's an hour right in the middle of the day where they can turn the TV on and totally escape in a format that they've probably never seen before,” Connick said.

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He wrote the music on the show and his band will be there to perform every day. Music is what Connick, Jr. is best known for, and he said it'll play a large role in his new daytime show.

“I've written stuff that I think will appeal to everyone. Of course, I love New Orleans music and I grew up playing jazz music, so there will be that but we're also going to have R&B and rock n' roll and country and salsa music and EDM and all of these different kinds of music that's designed to get people up and dancing,” he said.

He wants to stress that it's not your typical talk show and he's leaving the serious topics to other programs.

“That is not this show. This is a party and I think everyone needs a party. Everyone needs to be entertained,” said Connick.

There will also be audience participation, man on the street interviews, celebrity guests, and a lot of surprises.  

“I think everyone needs to know that they can turn on the TV with confidence knowing that they're not going to have to turn down the volume or change the channel because there's something that might be inappropriate. This isn't that show. This show is all about celebrating people, it's all about watching with the whole family and we're going to give them as much entertainment as we can cram into an hour as we can,” he said.

Next Monday, Connick will be on the set of the show "Empire" taking viewers behind-the-scenes and revealing secrets from the show's characters all week long.

You can watch “HARRY” every week day on ABC2 starting at 4 p.m.

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