Best wines to drink while watching Scandal

Posted at 3:36 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 15:36:58-04

Fans of Scandal know when Olivia Pope isn't kicking butt in D.C. she's sipping on fine wines. We asked Chris Spann, the owner of Wine Market Bistro in Baltimore to give us some suggestions on wines to drink while watching tonight's premiere.

Veuve Cliquot
Type: Champagne
From: France
Price: $52.99
Description: Great with popcorn, has a crisp flavor (Olivia would love this with her popcorn!)

Type: Shiraz
From: Australia
Price: $18.99
Description: Black pepper, dark fruit nodes, rich, powerful wine, goes well with pizza and grilled meats (Shiraz is an Olivia fave!)

Type: Cabernet
From: Napa Valley, CA
Price: $120.00
Description: Considered a “power” wine (much like the powerful Olivia), full flavors

Type: Chianti
From: Italy
Price: $11.99
Description: Great pairing with pizza, bright fruit, spicy nodes

Brittan Vineyards
Type: Chardonnay
From: Willamette Valley, OR
Price: $39.99
Description: A good “power” white, big, rich, full-bodied white wine

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