National Password Day: Keep out hackers

Posted at 1:52 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 18:22:41-04

Some workplaces send out monthly reminders to change you password, but you should also do the same for your bank accounts, personal e-mail, credit card and social media accounts.

March 15 is National Password Day. The Better Business Bureau is working with the Federal Trade Commission to remind people to enhance their online security.

See their recommendations below on creating secure passwords that are difficult to hack:

  • Make passwords long, strong, and complex. They recommend at least 12 characters with uppercase and lowercase characters, number, and symbols.
  • Don't reuse passwords. If hackers compromise one account they'll be able to access others that have the same password.
  • Use multi-factor authentication, when available. Online banking and other websites sometimes require you to enter your password as well as an additional piece of information such as entering a code sent to your cellphone or e-mail.
  • Password managers help people keep track of all their different passwords. Here are PCMag's best free apps.
  • Be tricky when selecting security questions. Don't use answers that are posted on social media. Hackers have been known to create social media quizzes that specifically ask questions that are typically security questions.
  • Change passwords immediately if you're ever breached. If you receive a notification, quickly change that password and any other accounts that use a similar password.

For more information on keeping your information secure, here's a link to an FTC article on computer security.