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Zappos Adaptive Is Now Selling Both Single Shoes And Mixed-Size Pairs To Accommodate All Bodies

Zappos Adaptive Is Now Selling Both Single Shoes And Mixed-Size Pairs To Accommodate All Bodies
Posted at 9:00 AM, Jul 17, 2020

Zappos Adaptive has launched an innovative program that will let everyone easily shop for shoes, even if you need a pair with two different sizes or just a single shoe.

The Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program is starting out with a limited number of styles from popular brands such as Nike, New Balance, Billy Footwear, Converse and Stride Rite. They’ll offer a wide range of sizes and widths, though, for toddlers through adults, and plenty of sneakers and slip-ons.

“I’m so excited about this program,” said Josh Sundquist, a comedian, author and Paralympic athlete, in a press release about the test program. “As an amputee, I’ve never been able to buy a single shoe before, so this is a game-changing moment for amputees and people with disabilities.”

Zappos Adaptive

There’s more good news for those who have had to buy a pair in the past when they only needed one shoe, or two pairs to get the sizes they needed for each foot: Zappos Adaptive won’t be charging premiums to buy just one shoe. It’s simply half the price of a pair.

Prices for a single shoe from the program range from $17.50 to $85.

Zappos Adaptive

The company says they created the program after years of requests from customers about selling single shoes or mixed-size pairs. They then conducted a survey last year to get customers’ input and hear stories about how this program could work for them before launching it this July.

For now, the program is still in the test phase, but Zappos Adaptive says they are monitoring it to see if they can expand it by adding more brands and styles. As of now, anyone can order shoes from the program, and just like other Zappos purchases, shoes in the adaptive program have a one-year return policy and shipping is free.

Zappos Adaptive

It’s great that Zappos is making it easier for everyone to get the shoes they need!

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