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You can now buy Flamin’ Hot white cheddar popcorn

You can now buy Flamin’ Hot white cheddar popcorn
Posted at 2:48 PM, Jul 09, 2019

Your favorite snack food just got a flamin’ hot kick. Just in time to spice things up this summer season, Smartfood has released Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar popcorn across stores nationwide.

According to a press release, the popcorn flavor was previously only made available at Walmart and Sam’s Club during the month of June. But, on July 8, the snack food made its nationwide debut to bring the heat to summer parties everywhere.

The brand advertised their latest product drop on Instagram:

The new flavor takes the white cheddar popcorn you know and love and combines it with the spicy Flamin’ Hot blend that you may recognize from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or other Frito-Lay owned products, as the Smartfood brand is part of Frito-Lay, too.

In other words, this popcorn has two of your favorites coming together, offering up one undeniable flavor. For the entire summer, you can find bags in varying sizes with a suggested retail price of $1.89-$3.99.

Frito Lay

If for some reason you have a hard time spotting the popcorn on store shelves, you can always use the product locator tool on the Smartfood website to finally put an end to your quest.

Thanks to the sneak peek that came to Walmart and Sam’s Club, fans of snack foods of the Flamin’ Hot variety have already tested the product, and they seem impressed, to say the least.

One fan, Twitter user @shaunje74120515, is already asking that this flavor become part of Smartfood’s permanent lineup:

And Twitter user @C2Clutch is already recognizing the snack’s status as a “real game changer”:

Finding out about the Flamin’ Hot flavor left Twitter user @briellegenae with a new outlook on life:

With reactions like those to this popcorn, you may be hoping to get your hands on a bag (or four) of this stuff sooner rather than later. Luckily, if you’re having trouble finding the product in stores or you’d rather try spicy popcorn with what you already have in your pantry, you can make spicy popcorn from scratch.

According to this recipe from the sparkymakesmovies YouTube channel, you can create a spicy seasoning using chili powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, salt and minced garlic. Check out the full video to see how it all comes together:

With products and recipes like these available, summer movie nights just got better!

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