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Thank you to truckers continuing the long haul through COVID-19

Posted at 8:57 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 23:21:05-04

SAVAGE, Md. — They are the unsung heroes getting all that toilet paper back on the shelves and making sure you’ve got food to cook at home.

The road keeps going for truckers through the long haul that is the coronavirus.

“We just do our part, we just try to do as much as we can to keep everything rolling,” said Stephen Gilyard a trucker who stopped in Maryland on his route from New Jersey.

As they pulled into the I-95 rest area in Savage they saw an unfamiliar and welcomed sign.

Shawn Gowding and the men of the Two Guys Grill food truck invited truckers out of their cabs for a free hot meal.

“If it wasn’t for truckers all the Walmart’s the Sam’s Clubs, Lowe’s, Grocery stores none of them would be open right now,” said Gowding. "It’s probably hard for them to get a hot meal so I figured we’d come out and help them out.”

Two Guys Grill created a fundraiser called Meals for 18 Wheels.

They raised enough to make about 100 meals.

A burger and tenders for Jack Miller who drove from Oklahoma and is heading to Chicago.

He left a $20 tip that will mean two meals for fellow drivers.

“I have enough money to feed myself and I just want to pay it forward. I don’t mind paying so somebody else can eat,” Miller said.

This short walk from their cabs over to the Two Guys grill truck is nothing for the drivers.

They are used to traveling across the country, long hours without their families.

Drivers like Joe Caine said they don’t feel appreciated most of the time and seeing this small token means a lot to them.

“It makes us feel like that we are out here doing something and not just ya know spending time away from family,” Caine said.

A small token of love for our unsung heroes to fill their stomachs as they drive hundreds of miles away from home to keep all ours stocked up.

“Just to my daughter Lexi I love you and everybody else out there I love,” said Miller.

2 guys in a Truck wants to keep coming out and provide hundreds of meals at different stops.

You can help by clicking here to donate.