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Johns Hopkins team saves mother in time for Mother’s Day

Posted at 9:19 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 23:11:44-04

BALTIMORE — A month ago, Tye Clark had to essentially carry her mother Miriam into the ER because of how badly COVID-19 wore her body down.

This weekend, they’ll be together because of the team at Johns Hopkins.

WMAR-2 News's Eddie Kadhim was with them virtually tonight as the team at Hopkins saw their patient turned family for the first time since she left.

Here’s a short exchange from when Miriam first saw Registered nurse Linda Reiner pop up on the virtual meeting.

“Hi Miriam. Hi Linda. It’s so good to see you! how are you darling! You look amazing, I’m great. I feel so good thank you so much.”

In early March, Miriam thought her fever was a cold or flu, but the fever didn’t go down with the medicine she was taking.

Her daughter who works at Johns Hopkins University wasn’t taking any chances— she drove to New Jersey and brought her to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

“It just seemed like there was no way I wasn’t going to get my mom and bring her to the hospital where I have all my faith in,” Tye said.

She reached out to her coworker Dr. Daniel Brotman who told her to thoroughly and consistently take precautions to protect herself while traveling back to Maryland.

He also made it clear that if you absolutely must transport someone who may have COVID-19 make sure you talk with a medical expert first, and if they need immediate attention call 9-1-1.

“I certainly didn’t want Tye to get infected, but also in the back of my mind was that a young healthy woman even if they do get the virus is a lot better than a lot of other folks,” Brotman said. “I knew how important it was for Tye to take care of her mother.”

COVID-19 patients can’t see family and the emotional drain can be just as trying as the physical.

“I could tell when she was wheeled in now scared she really was,” Rinier said. “My job as a nurse is to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Let her know that she is family and that everybody on that unit is to take care of her. “

Dr. William Garneau was one of the doctors who works on the floor that cares for Miriam.

“We kind of have a special bond right now where people are even wanting to be on that unit,” Garneau said. “Clamoring to be a part of the team because there is a special feeling right now.”

One of the many accomplishments they can be proud of in this unprecedented fight, A mother and daughter who get to spend another Mother’s Day together.

“Back on April 2nd I didn’t think I was going to make it,” Miriam said. “To have my daughter with me on Sunday is going to feel so good. I’m grateful to her to because she had the wisdom to say mommy no I need to come get you.”

The two plan to take it easy, maybe take a walk, but mainly just enjoy talking.

“She has a lot of energy my moms a real cool person,” Tye said.

To every nurse, doctor, anyone working in these unprecedented times – thank you.

You make these moments possible.