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Baltimore DIY crafter makes face masks for hospital workers and the public

Posted at 4:19 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 17:40:23-04

Erica Lambart would usually be seen at popular venues and private parties around Baltimore hosting DIY crafting events. Now she's busy at home putting her DIY skills to use making face masks.

"I knew I had to start making face masks right away," said Lambart.

When COVID-19 hit and people started taking social distancing seriously Lambart immediately switched gears. She's turned a large portion of her living space into a sewing room.

"I focus on quality over quantity," she said. "It takes about an hour to make a mask."

Lambart went to school for fashion design. She tries to put her personal stamp on each mask. They're colorful and can be made from a wide variety of fabric choices. Some of the material was purchased while some of it was donated by other crafters in the area.

"I like to think that each mask has its own personality, sort of like the person who's wearing it," she said.

The masks are mostly donated in bulk to health care workers. They're also available to the public for sale.

"So far we’ve done an elderly care facility in Virginia," said Lambart. "We’ve done an adult living center here in Baltimore. We have done, oh gosh, Saint Agnes in their cancer research wing."

The mask making gig has become successful enough that Lambart was able to take on the help of her best friend Kristi Wilson.

"I was with a dog walking service before COVID-19 hit" said Wilson. "I've been so lucky that my best friend is a seamstress and has this skill. I've quickly learned to cut fabric and help out in any way that I can."

The pair are up bright and early every morning cutting fabric and making masks.

"I try to make it so we're done by 6 each night," said Lambart. "I tell people we work 40 hours a week but to be honest it's more like 80. I'm prepared to keep this going for as long as COVID-19 sticks around."

For more information on Erica Lambart's face masks visit her website here.