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Special delivery for seniors during outbreak

Mama Mish's Homemade Dishes in Baltimore County
Posted at 3:30 PM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 17:17:11-04

HYDES, Md. — Mama Mish’s real name is Michele Love, and while her first love may appear to be cooking, it’s also making some special deliveries to seniors during the coronavirus outbreak.

“They are overwhelmed. Some of them cry,” said Love. “They’ll tell us they’ve been eating tomato soup for a week for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I’m crying in the car.”

Soups, stews, platters, casseroles---Mama Mish and a handful of employees make everything by hand, delivering a week’s worth of meals for 50 bucks and people have jumped on board sponsoring total strangers.

For some customers, the need strikes far closer to home.

“We’ve had quite a few nurses and doctors that have called us from the hospital and said, ‘I saw your post. Is there any way that you can deliver food to my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother, my mother, my father?’” said Love.

From its location on Harford Road in Hydes, Maryland, Mama Mish has been delivering food from Easton to Frederick to Chesapeake City in recent weeks and a whole lot more.

“They’re afraid,” said Love. “They’re afraid to come out the door, and when we pull up, we’re in masks and gloves and we’re treading lightly with the box, but most of them are like, ‘Can you come in? I need to talk to somebody.’ So we will close the door and we’ll sit there and talk to them through the door.”

You could call it nourishment for the heart and soul, and while the bulk of her business---the weddings, catering and banquet room may be on hold for now, Mama Mish is still open for food, faith and fellowship.

“It’s a driving force only from God that keeps us motivated every day to come in here. Trust me. I’m tired,” said Love. “When God gives to us, we have an obligation to bless other people and that’s how it works. That’s how it’s always worked in this place.”

If you’d like to sponsor a series of meals for a senior, you can simply go to their homepage here.