What you should do in a flash flood emergency

Posted at 6:13 PM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 23:33:43-04

After the historic flooding in Ellicott City, many are wondering, "What should you do if you're caught in a flash flood?"  warns no one should try and drive or walk through flood waters. It only takes six inches of moving water to knock a person down, and two feet to move a car.

Flash Floods are deadly. They are the number one cause of weather related deaths in the country.

Officials, like EMS Lieutenant Tim Rostkowski, say the problem is people don't realize how strong the water is, and how deep the water is while driving or walking through.

"If that water can pick up and move a vehicle, it can pick up and move a manhole cover. You could be walking around in a few inches of water and the next thing you know you're going right through," Rostkowski said.

If you are caught in a flooding emergency, head to higher ground. If you're in your car and water is moving around it, do not get out of your car.

"That's kind of a last resort, getting on top of your vehicle, but it's a better option than staying inside the vehicle if you can't safely do that," Rostkowski said.

Several videos from the flooding over the weekend show what happens when people try to walk through swift moving flood waters. They get knocked to the ground and swept away, creating an incredibly dangerous, and possibly deadly situation.

If there is still water surrounding your car, you can get out and head to higher land. 

After the flash flood, if you are driving and see water ahead, the phrase to remember is "Turn Around. Don't Drown."

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