Weekend brings cold, snow in April

Posted at 1:49 PM, Apr 06, 2016

Weather wise, the last three weeks have been a rollercoaster for Maryland, and now we have another chance for snow this weekend. Saturday's when everything changes due to the arrival of colder air, gusty winds and wind chills in the low twenties & upper teens.

The bigger news will be the chance for snow this weekend as well. A "clipper like" low pressure system is expected to develop and pass threw the Mid- Atlantic while temps are 15° - 20° below normal. With this colder air in place, the atmosphere will be ripe for snow showers - creating an opportunity for a wintry mix. Currently, the snow isn't expected to accumulate due to warm surface temperatures.

With this constant back and forth in place, many are wondering when we'll officially be snow free? Over the last five years we've seen snow showers as late as April 15th and snow has even been reported in May at BWI before. The good news is that May snowfall is usually more of a rarity, therefore you can bank on May to bring the Spring.