Tuesday 'Winter Storm' more of a nuisance

Posted at 11:57 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 10:48:23-05

Ok snow fans (or haters), here we go with the latest!

The bottom line with this "borderline" snow storm is, there are just quite a few factors working against it really producing the "high side" of potential accumulations.

1) Air temps have been above freezing all day, as are the ground and road temps.  Other than in the far north and west suburbs, it will take until daybreak to get down to the freezing mark, and even then, we will warm a bit freezing again into the day Tuesday.

2) The storm still looks rather disorganized and not particularly strong.  The main thing about it, is that is spread over a wide area, and, slow moving.  So snow may be light at times, and definitely "on and off" with heavier bands of snow, but, the overall event lasts a long time.  "A prolonged nuisance."

3) As a result, we may only have a slushy inch around in the morning.  And throughout the event, grassy surfaces, roof tops and car tops have the best chance to really hold the wet snow.

4) If we get 4 inches in Baltimore, even just on the grass, I will be impressed.  Meaning basically, by far the best chance for exceeding 4 inches will be well north, and into the northern half of Balt, Harford and Cecil counties.

5) Icy roads of the highly slick variety, are most likely after sunset Tuesday, when air temps will be dropping below freezing fairly quickly.

So that's the very latest for now, stay tuned!  Wyatt

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