Cold Air Brings a Chance of Snow

The first snow of the season is on the way
Posted at 7:09 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 05:43:27-05

The first major snow of the season is on the way to Maryland, but it's not really "major." An upper level disturbance is crossing through the Midwest and is expected to impact the Mid-Atlantic Thursday night into Friday morning. This is a pretty "low confidence" system meaning we could possibly see even less or more than forecasted.

This is due to the overall set up of this system, which is pretty unorganized. We'll have a dry slot pretty close to Maryland, a jet streak above us, while an area of low pressure will be developing just south of us. How all these features interact will determine our snowfall impacts.

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This could cause slick spots for the morning commute leading to tricky travel in spots.

The bulk of this system is expected to exit the area by Friday afternoon where we could even finish the day with some sunshine.

Another System We're Following

There's another system we're following which could bring snow to southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore. This area of low pressure appears to stay south of Maryland just enough to avoid impacting the immediate Baltimore area.

Once we get pass Saturday, the weather headlines will be all about the lingering cold air leading to 6 days of below average temps. 

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