Snow and ice possible by the weekend

Arctic air in Maryland could bring snow, ice
Posted at 11:03 AM, Dec 15, 2016

The arctic air has arrived and will stay in Maryland through Friday night. This could be a problem since an area of low pressure is expected to form in the Plains and move in our direction this weekend.

This will be a tricky storm for sure, since it's not expected to bring just snow to Maryland, but a "wintry mess" of snow, sleet, ice and rain.

Here's the breakdown of the impact.

Friday Night - Chance of snow which could accumulate across Maryland. Track of the storm is still in question but anywhere from a dusting to 2" looks possible.

**Here's a look at what the Models are displaying for Friday night & Saturday AM before the rain arrives**

Saturday Morning - We'll have an opportunity to see some freezing rain which could make un-treated surfaces icy and pack the snow accumulation down. Ice could have a window to accumulate until the temperatures warm above freezing by Saturday afternoon.

By Saturday Afternoon - We'll see a complete change to all rain as temperatures warm above freezing and stay there until Sunday night. This is great news, since it means if you wake up late on Saturdays, you may not see a thing but rain and warmer temps. On the other hand, if you're an early riser, stay up to date on the latest.

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