Red & Green are Christmas Colors, but not This

Posted at 3:21 PM, Dec 17, 2015

The maps below are showing a significant warming trend for a good chunk of the country - including the Mid-Atlantic. The dark green, however, signifies this will not be a pretty warm up. Some damp days will be likely to start next week.

Holiday temps for Christmas Eve and Christmas won't be very "winter" like for most of the country. We are cruising towards another record breaking pattern. Below is a list of some of Maryland's most notable Holiday Heat.

December of 1964:
Christmas Eve High: 49°
Christmas High: 72°
December of 1974:
Christmas Eve High: 60°
Christmas High: 56°
December of 1982:
Christmas Eve High: 65°
Christmas High: 70°
December of 1990:
Christmas Eve's High: 65°
Christmas High: 34°
December of 2014:
Christmas Eve High: 61°
Christmas High: 61°
To set a record on Christmas Eve, we'd need to reach a high of 65°+ and for Christmas 72°+.

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