Potential Mid-Atlantic Storm Looms for Jan 22-24

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 01:02:52-05

Model trends are suggesting a potent storm is potentially brewing for the weekend of Jan 22-24. While far from a certainty at this point, the close agreement between our two top models, the Euro and the GFS, certain a storm of some kind for the East Coast is likely in the works.

Right now, both models have the low forming in Texas, capturing some moisture in the Gulf, and then making a run up the coast.  

So what makes this storm different than other East Coast runners so far this winter season? Simply put, cold air availability. Right now, we see an arctic blast rolling in on MLK Monday, and then getting reinforced later in the week. The result? Air temps in the 30's on the weekend of Jan 22-24. Add to this that even colder air cold be pulled in by strong low pressure, and yes it could easily cold enough to support winter weather & a snowy scenario!

Of course, the final track of this storm will determine much of it's actual impact. And, when more than 7 days out in particular, models have been known to shift dramatically. But, make no mistake, for snow lovers, this one at least has the potential to deliver to the Mid-Atlantic and Maryland.

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