Polar Vortex Edges Toward East Coast

Now is the time to prepare for the deep freeze!
Posted at 7:01 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 22:28:38-05

A true arctic air invasion has already begun across the northern plains states, and now is the time to prepare for a true deep freeze across the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic!

*Below: a few key questions and answers to hopefully help keep you warm & safe!*

Q: How cold are we really talking here?

A: Air temps will likely drop into the mid-20's for high temps Thursday and Friday in Baltimore.  But, overnight lows could dip to around 10F late Thursday night into Friday morning.  Additionally, the Wind-chill factor could easily dip into the single digits, as we see wind gusts well over 30 mph.

Q: What is the timing on this thing?

A: The leading edge of the arctic air will likely come in Wednesday night.  After that, we likely won't emerge from the "deep freeze" until Saturday afternoon, which will mean almost 72 hours below the freezing mark.

Q: Is there any snow or wintry precipitation expected during this arctic air invasion?

A: Yes, we think central Maryland might well see snow and ice, including some freezing rain, starting late Friday night and continuing into early Saturday morning. Driving conditions could end up very hazardous early Saturday. If there is a saving grace, it is that we anticipate this changing to an "all rain" event from Saturday afternoon into the day on Sunday, washing away any wintry accumulations.

Q: Will we actually see the "Polar Vortex" come into the Mid-Atlantic, like a few years ago?

A: Not quite.  However, we will "catch the edge" of the south end of the vortex briefly, which is easily close enough to allow true arctic air to invade Maryland!

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