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More Severe Weather On The Way.....

Posted at 9:25 AM, Apr 17, 2019

We started the work week off on a stormy note and we will end it the same way. The jet stream will, again, dive south. A Low-pressure system will develop in the Plains and out ahead of it, warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico will become more abundant. With the above ingredients coming together, another round of severe weather is possible this Friday for the Mid-Atlantic.

A line of storms may intensify by midday or early afternoon on Friday. The main threat is damaging gusty winds associated with thunderstorms but a few tornadoes are possible and locally heavy rain may lead to flash flooding in some areas.

It's really no surprise that we have more severe weather on the way because April is usually the first month in the peak of severe weather in the United States. It runs from April through June. Why do we have more severe weather in spring? It's because the ingredients in the atmosphere for severe weather come together more often in spring compared to other months.

Don't forget to download the Storm Shield App to keep you ahead of the storm. It will send alerts to your phone if there are warnings where you live.

Stay tuned!