Kitchen Sink Storm Early Week

Posted at 3:56 PM, Feb 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-13 16:15:43-05

Bitter cold temperatures are headlining the weekend across the Baltimore area along with strong Northwest winds. However, we are already looking towards Sunday night into early week as yet another storm moves into the region. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, plain rain.. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink with this one!

An area of low pressure approaches Sunday night. With cold conditions still in place, precipitation will begin as snow late Sunday night into early Monday morning.  A wintry mixture of sleet and freezing rain arrives Monday late afternoon into Monday evening. By Monday night/Tuesday morning, precipitation will be plain rain. How quickly this transition occurs is still up in the air as many of the models disagree on how quickly southerly winds move in and warm the cold air mass currently in place. Heavy rain is possible with this storm, so flooding will also be a concern.

Since this storm will start as snow, crews will be able to get out and pre-treat roads. However, with very cold temperatures in place all weekend, snow, sleet and freezing rain will stick immediately to any untreated surface.

Winter storm watches have already been posted for areas to our west. Stay tuned on this one!

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