What season is it again-- spring or winter?

Posted at 10:45 AM, Apr 05, 2016

I know, I is April and it feels more like February. With that said, spring has wild swings in the weather, from snow to rain to temperatures in the 70s to temperatures in the 20s, and we have experienced it all in only a few days.

The fact of the matter is the cold weather won't be totally gone until after mid-April.

This past weekend, which was the first weekend in April, the polar vortex took a dip southward which brought cold air and some snow to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. 

There will be milder air that moves in, but it will be brief. Expect colder air from Canada to take up residence behind the storm systems that track across the area.

The next system will slide in by the end of the week, bringing rain. It will be chilly and windy again behind the front for the first part of the weekend, making it feel like winter truly hijacked spring. 

Temps will rebound to more seasonal levels by the beginning of next week, but don't put away the winter gear yet because temps staying below normal will be the name of the game through the middle of April before a nice warm-up comes by the end of the month.

Stayed tuned for the latest updates.