How Often Does Baltimore See a White Christmas?

Snow on Christmas day is the ultimate way to get i
Posted at 12:37 PM, Dec 24, 2016

Snow on Christmas day is the ultimate way to get into the holiday spirit. I know many of you are dreaming of a White Christmas.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep dreaming as temperatures this year climb above average to nearly 50 degrees on Christmas Day. Let’s take a look back on how Christmas’s in the past have stacked up.

Snow falling on Christmas Day in Baltimore is RARE. The last time it happened was in 2002.There are only twelve times on record that there has been measurable snow that fell on Christmas Day. That averages to about just a 10 percent chance.

The most snow to fall on Christmas Day dates back to 1909 when 9.3 inches of snow fell. 

The Coldest Christmas was in 1983 the high temperature for the day was only 12 degrees!

In 1964, Baltimore recorded its Warmest Christmas when the temperature for the day soared to 72 degrees.

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