Finally! Some Snow

Here's a timeline on Maryland's snow storm
Posted at 7:34 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 08:35:21-05

What a week! After 3 days with highs above 60°, a 40° degree drop is on the way to Baltimore tonight. Thursday's high temp will be near 43° around 12:01 am and fall throughout the day into the 20s by Thursday night.

The reason for this drop in temperatures is an area of low pressure expected to track across Maryland, pulling in colder air as it moves through. This system will also have enough moisture with it to produce rain and some snow as well. Here's a breakdown of what to expect over the next 24 hours.

System Starts as Rain

This storm will bring rain to the area first, which is expected from 9 pm -1 am. This rain is concerning since it could wash away some of the pre-treatment used on our roads. Snow will eventually mix in after 1 am as temps continue to drop.

By 5AM we are expecting all snow across Maryland, which will last into early afternoon. Snow will be heaviest in the morning then taper off towards the noon. Temps will be closer to freezing around 7am and accumulation is more likely to happen after the surface has been cold for a while.

Snow Squalls are a Concern

The main event is expected to wrap up around noon but the threat of snow and slippery conditions will remain. Some models are picking up on the potential for snow squalls during the afternoon and evening for the drive home. These "intense snow showers" can produce brief winter storm conditions and ice up the roads. They can be a real travel hazard, especially considering the roads will frozen by during this time.

Once this is all set and done, the cold will really take hold by Thursday night and Friday morning with wind chills from 10° to 23°.

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