February Turns Active

Winter Returns With A Vengeance
Blame It On Old Phil The Groundhog
Blame It On Old Phil The Groundhog
Blame It On Old Phil The Groundhog
Posted at 1:16 PM, Jan 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-27 13:16:14-05

One day it's winter with brutal cold and the next day it's Spring. Will the weather ever make up it's mind? Well if your a big fan of the cold your in luck because it is coming back in full force as we enter the month of February. On average  February is a tumultuous month for snow and brutal cold here in Central Maryland. BWI Airport usually averages around 6.8" snow thanks to a usually active jetstream and ample amounts of cold in place to fuel winter storms. 

As we look ahead the long range pattern trends to another fierce attack from the deep bows of the Arctic. Temperatures look to run 10-20 degrees below average come Superbowl weekend and into the first half of the month. At the same time the northern jet stream will be pushed further south amplifying the concerns for some wintry weather. 

We kick things off with a weak area of low pressure along a cold frontal boundary late Monday into Tuesday. This storm system looks to bring us  a brief brush of rain and snow before a changeover to all snow as the cold crashes in. An early call amounts at this time look to be less than 1 " making this more of a nuisance event for travels Tuesday morning.

The bigger question mark comes Thursday and Friday next week. Models continue to hint at a wintry solution of rain and snow. Now this forecast is more than 5 days out so the confidence remains low. What we do know is that this storm system will bring an even bigger push of colder air similar to what we saw in early January.

Enjoy the warm spells while we have them as Old Man Winter looks to shake his fist at Phil the Groundhog and his prognostication for 6 more weeks of Winter come February forward.