Baltimore Bill Forecasts an Early Winter

Posted at 6:08 PM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-26 18:08:48-04

On a cloudy cool fall afternoon, the crowd grew at the Inner Harbor to see Baltimore Bill, The Weather-Predicting Crab, make his annual forecast. To the dismay of many amongst the crowd, Bill predicted an "Early Winter" and quickly jumped into the water to swim south for warmer water.

According to the press release, Bill, who was interviewed via bay phone from the Inner Harbor, said "Making fall forecasts is my specialty, and I feel confident that an early winter is indeed what our region can expect, I know it may not be the news people were hoping for, but I trust my lucky claw in steering me toward the best prediction."

Al Bumbry, former Orioles outfielder, emceed the event and was saddened by Bill's forecast.  "When it comes to accurate forecasts, Bill's in the big leagues," he said. "So although I'm disappointed that the warm weather won't last much longer, I know that by trusting Bill's prediction, our bases are covered and we'll be well prepared for the season ahead."

Bill has accurately predicted the fall forecast the past three consecutive years. Last year and in 2013, Bill correctly predicted mild fall weather, with temperatures reaching 80 degrees in October. And in 2012, when Bill predicted an early winter, the first snowflakes appeared in Baltimore on November 13th. So, residents of the Mid-Atlantic should feel confident it'll soon be time to break out those mittens, scarves and coats.