SPRINGING FORWARD-One Hour Ahead This Weekend

Daylight Saving Times begins Sunday...
Daylight Saving Time Begins-Spring Forward
Posted at 10:46 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-09 14:01:43-05

BALTIMORE — Well it's that time of year again where we crawl on out of Winter hibernation into the bright lights and colors of Spring. We've reached that point in the year where we lose that extra hour of sleep in hopes to gain some extra time to get things done outdoors.

Yes we are talking Daylight Saving Times. At 2am on Sunday, March 10th we "Spring Ahead" to mark the end to Standard Time otherwise known as coming home from work and school in the dark.

Saturday March 9th will mark the last time for the sun to set before 7pm until September 25th, 2019. From March 10th to March 31st we add 21 minutes to our sunset time showing signs that the seasonal shift to Spring is here.

Either way the change in time an hour forward or an hour back adjust for the seasonal shifts between hot and cold times of the year. It gives us some to look forwards to such as Winter or Spring but does have the disadvantages as well when it comes to our sleep cycles. The 100 year question remains though to if we should keep "Daylight Saving Time" or not? We will leave that for you too interpret. Just know Spring is coming in fast and as soon as you know it we will all be back in the great outdoors enjoying one of those mild Maryland nights.