Spring surges on in with near record temps

Near 80 degrees Friday with a wintry mix next..
Heading For 80 Degrees
Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 15:54:24-04
Radar As Of 6:26pm March 18, 2020

Soaking rain returns to much of central Maryland tonight bringing with it a warm start to Spring later this week. The last night of Winter will bring rain moving in after 8-9pm and rainfall amounts upward of 0.5"-1" in most locations. Rain should be out by Thursday mid morning with sun breaking through midday.

Spring officially arrives at 11:49 pm Thursday night and temperatures surely look to fit the part later this week. Highs will climb back in the low 70s Thursday despite early morning rain and could punch 80 degrees come Friday afternoon. The warmth won't last for long though as a pretty powerful cold front marches our way Friday afternoon.

The warmth is do in part to a pretty expansive warm front lifting through the area and a push in the jet-stream well off to the north allowing the rich Gulf of Mexico air to move in. This front spells trouble for severe weather over the southern Plains and Ohio River Valley the next couple of days while we experience near record warmth.

Rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out even in Baltimore though come Friday afternoon. With temps around 80 degrees and an incoming front we have the perfect ingredients necessary to get a few gusty boomers late in the afternoon.

This front will plunge temperatures 20-30 degrees Saturday with highs in the 50s before falling even more come Sunday with highs barely making 50 degrees. On top of all of this there is at least a chance for a little rain and snow early next week.

Hold on tight as the March "Weather Roller Coaster" rides on. What we mean by that you may say? Well after that rain and snow chance Monday highs bounce back toward 60 degrees near midweek with more rain. Anything goes in March when it comes to Maryland weather. Who knows maybe history will repeat itself from over 78 years ago (March 29, 1942) where over 21.9" of snow fell across the area. It's a dream for snow lovers although I do think Spring is here to stay!!!