Spotting the Space Station this week

Multiple nights to see the station in Maryland..
Spot The Station
Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 20:54:29-04

BALTIMORE — There goes that bright little dot gliding through the skies again this week. With drier air in place and clear skies above that bright dot should appear a little brighter than all the stars and planets in the night sky above.

Clear skies tonight and than again Thursday and Friday nights give us ample opportunity to look into the mysterious sky above for stars, planets, and yes the International Space Station as it flies on by. Can you "Spot The Station"?

Well tonight is your night as the Space Station is expected to pass right over Maryland. Traveling at a speed of 17,500mph the station orbits Earth once every 90 minutes. Even though it's in the sky 24/7 it can typically only be seen by the naked eye at certain times of day.This evening the station will fly by for 4 mins starting at 8:00pm moving south to east in the sky. Viewing conditions look great with clear skies across the area.

Our next long fly by will be on Thursday at 8:47-8:51pm followed up by another Friday at 7:58-8:04pm. Clear skies and comfy conditions will prevail during this stretch making for ample viewing opportunities. Happy hunting, and remember to wave at those astronauts as they speed on by!!!