Rocket launch visible in Maryland Saturday

If systems are go rocket trails can be seen at 3:22pm..
Rocket Launch Rescheduled To Saturday
Posted at 2:57 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 15:26:15-05

BALTIMORE — WALLOPS ISLAND, VA.- The day is ALMOST here and all systems look to a be a go for the Antares NG CRS-13 rocket launch from Wallops Island, Virginia. The purpose of this launch is to resupply the International Space Station with food, supplies, and even experimental equipment for current research being done in space.

The last three times including today, this past Thursday, and Sunday were a no go due to equipment malfunction on the ground as well as poor weather conditions. The launch has been rescheduled too Saturday at 3:21pm with sunny skies and less wind in the forecast. No special gear is needed to view this launch here in Maryland. Binoculars though will help better the view though if you have them. You will want to look to the southeast sky 30 seconds after 3:21 pm in Ocean City, 1 minute and 30 seconds after that time in Baltimore/Annapolis, and 2 minutes after 3:23pm in Frederick to see the vapor trails of the launch.

If the launch mission is canceled then it may be rescheduled for Sunday. Weather conditions will not be a factor. For more information and video of the launch just click the link below.

Besides the rocket launch this afternoon; you will have a chance to see a few planets in the morning skies above Baltimore and the International Space Station gliding on through the next two mornings. Look to the southern sky early Saturday morning and you will spot Saturn on the horizon along with Jupiter and Mars hovering above. These 3 planets will be visible in the morning sky until early next week.

The International Space Station will also make a pass for 3 minutes from 5:18-5:21am Saturday morning gliding southwest to east southeast in the early morning skies above. The next pass comes Sunday morning for 6 minutes from 6:06-6:12am from west southwest to northeast in the skies above.