Hurricane Joaquin in Ocean City Maryland

Posted at 11:33 PM, Oct 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-04 23:33:06-04

Christian Schaffer reports live in  Ocean City, Maryland, as they try to get back to normal after Hurricane Joaquin.

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The word they "sloshing"

Kevin-"fortunately today there's no rain but we've had our share

Everybody in the neighborhood just off the route 50 bridge near Division Street has been tryingto get in and out of their homes.

Like retired yacht captain Kevin hall...

Kevin- "been crazy. For three days we've had a tidal surge coming up through the drain pipes.  A foot and a half of water two feet of water outside my door every day for three days"

At least they can get in an out. Hurricane Joaquin turned right instead of left, so even though this neighborhood took a hit-- they know they dodged a much bigger one

Kai-"I'm heading to one of my friend's house but like we can barely get in or out. I've been staying there for like two days and I just got out because of the water"

The tidal surge is what's holding water in the bays just west of Ocean City. Water can't get out of the inlet.. So the only place for it to go is up.

And then there's the wind...

Joe-"it's been an east wind all day so that just holds the water in the back bays during the tide cycles"

It's also blowing mounds of sand onto the boardwalk Crews have already started cleaning it up, but it won't be easy

Joe-"they'll be in clean-up mode for probably at least a week"

It might take longer for Kevin to clean up his home.. And after all that sloshing

Kevin-"we have to put battens in the door to keep the wave action from vehicles going by from coming and sloshing in the house. It's miserable"