Near record breaking and dangerous heat later this week

Feel like temps toppling 105-110 degrees...
Heat Advisories Issued
Posted at 10:41 PM, Jul 16, 2019

Well if you thought the last couple of days were hot wait until later on the week. A strong area of high pressure looks to force the jetstream north allowing dangerous heat to build into the weekend. Before that happens though we are likely to see some of the remnants of Barry passing through the area Wednesday and Thursday. These two days look to be our highest chances for rain before the beginning of next week.

Even with the chance of rain the heat looks to remain. Heat advisories are already in place for portions of the area Wednesday including the Eastern Shore where feel like temperatures could topple 105 degrees during the peak afternoon hours. More of these advisories and maybe even some warnings may be needed by the end of this week.

The worst of the heat arrives during the Friday through Sunday time-frame. Temperatures look to rise each afternoon with the peak of the heat Saturday. Highs will be in the mid to upper 90s Friday and Sunday with the possibility of reaching 100 degrees in the metro Saturday. The last time we hit 100 degrees in Baltimore was 3 years ago on July 25, 2016. It will be hard to do this go around especially with a heavy atmosphere filled with tons of humidity overheat. Speaking of that excessive humidity, feel like temperatures will peak out at 105-110 degrees if not above these marks during the Friday and Saturday afternoon time-frames.

With the heat index (Feel Like Temperature) reaching 105 degrees or more the next few Heat Advisories are likely to be issued for part of the area. As of now we have a Heat Advisory from 11am-8pm Wednesday for the Eastern Shore where heat indices could topple 105 degrees. Excessive Heat Warnings are up for northern Delaware and the Philadelphia area where heat indices could approach 110 degrees. No heat warnings are currently in place in Baltimore but that could change pretty especially later this week as the heat intensifies.

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We haven't seen an Excessive Heat Warning in more than a year (377 days to be exact) here in Baltimore. That may change though this weekend as air temperatures make a run for the century mark. Whether it's alerts are issued or not these types of temperatures can become dangerous for you and those around you if you're not properly prepared.

Did you know that heat is the number 1 weather killer in the United States. Heat can impact everyone from young to old especially since many of us spend a good majority of time outdoors. With air temperatures and feel like numbers approaching the triple digits the next few days it's time to freshen up a bit on the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke along with some other precautions to keep you safe.


Of course you wanna stay hydrated with plenty of water and limit any strenuous activity to the morning/evening hours. Check on elderly friends and neighbors and don't forget the pets this time of year. With all that said we still have heat related safety issues when it comes to the car and hot surfaces below.Avoid any strenuous activities during the peak heating of the day. Try to take care of outdoor activities or exercise early in the morning or afternoon.You also wanna wear light loose fitting clothing that does not constrict the skin which can hold heat closer to the body which in turn creates stress.

If you start to feel faint, dizzy, clammy, or excessively sweaty you may be experiencing heat exhaustion. With limited hydration or a place to stay cool these symptoms can get worse leading to heat stroke. Heat stroke sets in when the body stops sweating and the skin appears red or throbbing. Unconsciousness can also occur leading to death if the body is not cooled down nor 911 is called.

Year after year we do stories of young children and pets being left behind in hot cars. It's simple "Look Before You Lock". Enclosed areas such as a car at a temperature of 90 degrees outside within 30 mins could topple 124 degrees with all of the windows up.

Besides hot cars we have hot pavement below. Over the last few years we have seen issues with dogs having burned paws and people picking up on serious burns to the feet at the beach on hot sand. Research from the University of Maryland has shown that surfaces such as blacktop, sand, and concrete can be well over 120 degrees with an air temperature of 90 degrees. If your walking around the pool or down at the beach put the sandals on. For fido of course walk him/her early or during the evening hours. Also try to keep your pets on the grassy/dirt surfaces to avoid the burns.

The heat looks to break a bit early next week before indications of a cool-down later this week as a the jetstream pushes back to the south. It is Summer after all in Baltimore so we can't really complain. Climatologically this is the hottest time of the year in the city. Yes we may have a cool-down on the way but get use to the 90 degree days ahead since there is plenty more Summer to go. Stay safe and stay cool my friends over the coming days ahead!!