Multiple storm systems creating Thanksgiving travel concerns

Winds gusting 40 mph with a wintry weekend ahead..
The Thanksgiving Stretch
Posted at 11:50 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 23:50:43-05

One of the busiest week's of the holiday season is finally here and it looks as if weather will wreak havoc all across the county. With 3 days to go until Thanksgiving many of us will hit the roads or fly high in the skies to get to family and friends for the long awaited Thanksgiving feast.

Here in the northeast places such as Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City are likely to see a dry Tuesday but a wet Wednesday full of weather. On the other hand snow will be in the forecast for such places as Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and throughout the Sierra Nevada of California.

This same storm system will be responsible for our showers early Wednesday but also the bigger story of wind over the entire Thanksgiving stretch.

Winds could gust anywhere between 30-40 mph with localized gusts of 40 mph or more Thanksgiving Day. These winds could create spotty power outage concerns and issues with many of those parades that like to show off those colorful balloons. The wind starts to lighten a bit for Black Friday as our next storm system moves in.

This system could bring a mixed bag of precipitation starting Saturday afternoon into Ravens gameday Sunday. Models continue to hint as some snow Saturday afternoon into the overnight hours before a slow transition to rain Sunday morning. There is still 5 days for this forecast to change and we do expect the models to continue to flip flop on solutions as they try to pinpoint the location of the storm track and amount of cold air availability at the time of precipitation.

For now it's all about safe travel, family fun, and great food. Enjoy the turkey and taters while having a terrific Thanksgiving ahead.