Millions Bracing for Major Winter Weather

Intense winter impacts the Central United States Thursday and Friday
Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 06, 2019

Any fans of winter weather? There will be plenty of it across the nation over the next few days.

Millions of people are bracing for winter weather as a developing storm system begins to impact the central United States. Winter alerts already stretch across a large portion of the central United States

Areas from the Rockies to the Upper Midwest are expecting winter weather, with some areas in the upper Midwest already experiencing falling snow. There is an ice storm threat from eastern Kansas into Missouri and southeastern Iowa. There is even a blizzard threat for portions of the eastern Dakotas and western Minnesota.

The storm system, which is still developing and located across the southern Rockies, is forecast to travel north and east toward the Great Lakes, strengthening along the way.

And while areas on the northern and western sides of this system deal with cold, wind, snow and ice, the southern and eastern sides will deal with rain and flooding concerns, with flooding alerts covering much of the Ohio River Valley.

This system will eventually impact Maryland. The biggest impact will be with temperatures. Temperatures will fall below normal for the weekend across the state.