Marylanders prepare for blizzard

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 17:57:08-05
It is a little early to know exactly what will happen with the snowfall this weekend, but not too early to prepare for whatever comes our way. 
"I called the weather report and they said it could be a storm of quote monumental proportions," Marilyn Marcus said. 
Now Marcus has her ice melt. It is one of the supplies employees at Ace Hardware in Waverly saw people coming in for all day long on Wednesday.
"Once people see a snow flake, they're going to start coming in a lot heavier. We've had lines for shovels and stuff before so we get a lot of customers coming in at the last minute," John Elliott, the manager, told ABC2. 
That last minute is what Kemit Kennedy was trying to avoid. He came in looking for some environmentally friendly ice melt to bring to his job.
Getting ready is no problem. However, it is what we're getting ready for that has people on opposite ends of the spectrum
"I could live without it. I've had a couple years of heavy drifts and i get the shovel out so it's a lot of work on the back and the muscles," Kennedy said. 
"I love the winter. I grew up in Chicago and snow is just part of the winter to me so it's not winter until it snows," Elliott said.   
BGE representatives tell ABC2 there are staff members monitoring the snow as it heads this way by mobilizing field and support crews in addition to their 3,200 employees. 
"Anytime you see indications of large amounts of potentially heavy wet snow and also high winds that's what we're preparing for is the possibility of outages in our service area and we're asking customers to just be prepared for that," Justin Mulcahy, BGE Senior Communications Specialist, said. 
The recommendation is to prepare with batteries, flashlights, and non perishable items.
There were plenty of people packing Bi-Rite on Bel Air Road  ready to stock their refrigerators too.
"I already have my coffee, so I have my milk, my cereal, my cream of wheat, my lunch meat ... When you stay ready, you don't have to get ready," O.T., a shopper, said. 

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